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Our Club Meetings 

 All are welcome to attend our monthly meetings held every third Friday of each month. Anyone who enjoys birds or parrots whether they have a single pet, have a small aviary in the backyard, serious hobby or just an enthusiast, you are sure to fit in with our diverse range of members and enjoy our guest speakers who lecture on a variety of topics, workshop, table shows, outings and trips.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are held monthly every first Tuesday of each month. Any member of The Parrot Society of Australia (NSW) Inc. are more than welcome to attend to see what goes on behind the scenes, voice an opinion or concerns to the committee. If you are not able to attend you can send a letter or email to any committee member, if you choose.

Our Club History

Read more on who started our club and why the Parrot Society of Australia (NSW) Inc. was started in 1982.

Our Club Objectives

 Our club objectives for running a successful club like the Parrot Society of Australia (NSW) Inc.

Committee Roles

Interested in lending a hand in the running of The Parrot Society of Australia (NSW) Inc.? See what roles you could be suited for and what they involve. Our nominations are held yearly at the February AGM meeting (you can self nominate). If someone is currently involved in the position you might be interested don't be discouraged as s/he might be interested in a different role.

Our Patron, Life, Honorary and Contributor members

We like to honor all members and guests who go above and beyond for the Parrot Society of Australia (NSW) Inc.